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EPS emergency power supply for 12V120AH battery life factors

EPS emergency power supply for 12V120AH battery life factorsWhat is the advantage of iron lithium batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries? With the development of electronic technology in the twentieth century, the lithium battery has entered a large-scale practical phase. It is now widely used in the lithium battery to be widely used in hydro, fire, wind, and solar power plant and other energy storage power systems, uninterruptible power supplies of postal and telecommunications, and electric tools, electric bicycles, electric aerospace and other fields.

With the shortage of energy and the pressure of the world's environmental protection, people have studied various materials, in order to develop a better variety of performance. In particular, the emergence of lithium iron phosphate material batteries has promoted the development and application of lithium battery industry. Lithium iron phosphate is wider than the original source of the traditional lithium battery, the price is lower and environmentally polluted. However, the price of lithium batteries is higher than the traditional lead-acid battery.

So which is the lithium iron phosphate battery and lead acid which is better? Since the price is higher than lead acid, whether the performance is higher than lead acid? Today, the energy electrical small unit is analyzed to analyze the lithium iron phosphate battery compared to lead-acidite. What is the advantage, I hope I can help you!

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What is the advantage of iron lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate battery advantages

1. High energy: the storage energy density has reached 460-600Wh / kg, which is about 6-7 times the lead-acid battery.

2. Long service life: average can reach more than 6 years

3. Rated voltage height: lithium battery can be adjusted to 3.0V by a new type of lithium battery voltage regulator, to suit small electrical appliances

4. High power tolerance: wherein the iron phosphate ion battery for electric vehicles can reach 15-30C charge and discharge.

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5. The self-discharge rate is very low: this is one of the superiority of the lithium iron phosphate battery *, which is generally 1% / month

6. Light weight: 2/3 of the weight of the same volume of the lead acid product

7. High temperature adaptability: can be used at 60 ¡ã C

8. Green Environmental Protection: No matter in production, use and scrap, it does not contain any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful metallic elements and substances.

9. No memory effect: lithium iron phosphate battery does not have this memory effect, which can be accompanied.

10. It is very beneficial to the production of basic non-consuming water.


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