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AGV balance car 12V100AHOPZV tubular colloidal battery manufacturer

AGV balance car 12V100AHOPZV tubular colloidal battery manufacturerWhat are the contents of the inspection of the battery inspection? What safety matters should be paid attention to in maintaining lead-acid batteries?
1. The inspection items for the battery are:
1, the DC bus voltage should be normal, should not exceed 2% of the average voltage, the floating charge should be appropriate, no charging or undervolving.
2, measure various parameters. When the power is floating, the battery voltage should remain at 2.1 to 2.2V, and the charge and discharge voltage shall not be less than 1.8 to 1.9V. The relative density of the electrolyte should be between 1.215 to 1.229, and the liquid temperature should be maintained between 15 to 35 ¡ã C.
3, check whether the polar color is normal, there is no tilt, bending, short circuit, salt and effective substance falling off.
4, wood blockboard, lead card should be complete, no point off.
5, the liquid surface should be higher than the polar plate 10 to 20 mm.
6, the shell of the battery should be complete, no inclined, and the surface should be cleaned.
7, each joint connection should be fastened, no corruption, and coated with Vaseline.
8. Ventilation equipment and other subsidiary equipment should be intact, there is no intense smell in the indoor, and the battery room temperature should be between 10 and 30 ¡ã C.
9, the floating charge equipment is operating normally.
10, DC system is insulated.
11. The alkaline battery should also be checked whether the bottle cap is screwed, and the air hole should be smooth.

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Passenger: Energy density and battery life Biography BYD officially supplied Changan

In the 39 new energy passenger models, there are 32 pure electric vehicles, and there are 7 models of plug-in hybrid models. From the battery technology route, there are 32 in the ternary batteries, accounting for 82%, and there are 7 phosphate batteries.

In terms of battery support, Ningde Times (6), BYD (5), Bike Battery (5), Fu Can Technology / Anchi Technology / DF (2) The number of models is ranked.

In this batch, including SAIC Volkswagen Passat Phev, SAIC GM Chevrolet Menlo, Teng X, Teeng Xphev, Bo Rui GE, BYD E3, BYD Song PRO, Guangqi Aionlx and other new models. Among them, Chevrolet Menlo is the first pure electric car of Chevrolet brand, equipped with a three-dimensional power battery in the SAIC, the battery energy density is 140Wh / kg, and the endless mileage is 410km.

However, both polarization phenomenon in terms of energy density and battery life.

On the one hand, this batch passenger battery system energy density * up to 175WH / kg is an Aionlx model declared by Guangqi passenger car, equipped with the ternary battery system produced by Ningde Times, and the operating capacity has 600km. Return mileage * High is the pure electric car declared by Changan Automobile - E-Rock, with BYD production of ternary battery system, system energy density reached 160.2Wh / kg, and the operating capacity is up to 605km.

On the other hand, Dongfeng Automobile, Hippocampus, and Kowloon have declared several energy density or endless miles that cannot meet the passenger cars requested by 2019 subsidies. This means that the above models will not be able to obtain subsidies, in the new energy vehicle market. The competitiveness is very low.

Among them, the two Junfeng models of Dongfeng Auto declared were equipped with the lithium iron phosphate battery produced by Anchi Technology, with a energy density of 130.21Wh / kg, and the battery life was only 143km. The two models of the hippocampus car declared with the three-way battery system produced by the Bike battery, with energy density of 110Wh / kg and 12Wh / kg, and the battery life is 100km and 132km. A model of Kowloon Automobile is equipped with a ternary battery produced by Jiangsu Jin Sunshine. The energy density is 128.4Wh / kg, and the battery is only 105km.

After the subsidy policy was officially switched, the new energy auto market in 7-August was directly hit, and the passenger car sales was significantly declined, resulting in a sharp decline in power battery.

Although many car companies currently re-switch their partial models from the ternary batteries in order to reduce costs, it is basically able to meet the new subsidy policy.

The number of low-cost models declared by Dongfeng, Hippocampus and Kowloon can not meet the technical requirements of subsidies, which means that it is very low in the market, and the later market performance is not optimistic.

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