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The main reason for the use time of forklift battery

The main reason for the use time of forklift battery1 At present, battery users and governors are familiar with the importance of battery maintenance, and they are insufficient, and maintenance is not timely.

2 The battery maintenance is only limited to a simple maintenance work such as battery hydration, and is lacking familiarity for the maintenance method of battery professionalism.

3 Lack of battery professional maintenance of staff and professional maintenance equipment, resulting in high-quality sulfidation, severely affecting the battery of the battery.

4 The long-term storage of more than 3 months forms a significant vulcanization, stores more than 6 months, and the capacity of the battery will drop to 70%. If the storage period is 1 year, the battery is basically scrapped.

5 Excessive use During the actual use, due to long-term use of failure to charge, it will generally have significant vulcanization within 12 hours.

6 The charging is insufficient in the actual homework environment, often used in the case where the battery is not covered, so that the battery is in an unsaturated state, accelerates vulcanization, affects the battery time.

7 Halfway charging In the actual homework environment, the battery often charges when the power is not exhausted. After the full is full, it is inherited, and the long-term battery will produce "memory effect", which cannot be completed, affecting the battery. time.

8 Electrolyte Duyu high battery during use, temperature will rise, easy to lose water, if it is not possible to hydrolysis, it causes electrolyte concentration, it is easy to make polar leakage, accelerate vulcanization, and influence. The time of use of the battery.

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