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Conditions must have conditions

Conditions must have conditionsIn the cold storage environment, the anti-slip requirements: the humidity in the cold storage is relatively large, the ground is more slippery, and there will even be ice-free, the electric forklift must have good non-slip capability. Cold warehouse forklifts generally equipped with anti-slip tires, but this is still not enough. Since the electric forklift is large, the front wheel load is very large, and the rear wheel load is small, the frictional force of the rear wheel and the ground becomes small, resulting in a case where there will be side slip. Therefore, the electric forklift for cold storage needs to consider a larger tonnage model when selecting, so that the rear wheel load can be maintained after the cargo, avoiding the slip of the tire slip. The effect of low temperature environment on hydraulic systems: hydraulic oil and hydraulic high pressure hoses used at room temperature are easily changed in low temperatures, not suitable for use at low temperatures. Electric forklift for a cold storage must use a dedicated hydraulic oil and high pressure hoses to avoid malfunction and safety accidents. Effect of low temperature environment on mechanical systems: lubricating oil used in normal temperature, grease, at low temperatures, does not appropriately use at low temperatures. This part also uses dedicated lubricants and grease. In some electric forklifts, such as micro-opening, sensors, precision bearings, etc. also need to use specially designed accessories.

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