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About electric forklift battery type battery power supply principle

About electric forklift battery type battery power supply principleElectric forklift battery type battery power supply principle
What is the characteristics of an electric battery forklift? The power supply of the electric reactor is made of a battery cell, which is characterized by a large current discharge, and the operation of the car can maintain a target travel mileage. Automotive batteries and fixed batteries such as instrument batteries, electric power, communication systems, batteries, and start batteries are different from structures to performance, and the charge and discharge mode is not the same, it is not universal. How does the rechargeable battery implement its energy conversion? Each battery has a capacity electrochemical transformation, and Shenzhen electric push-up carrier will directly convert the chemical energy into electrical energy, in secondary batteries (also known as battery) (another term, also known as portable rechargeable battery), During the discharge process, it is converted to chemically in the charging process, and the electrical energy is re-converted into chemical energy during charging. This process is based on the electrochemical system and can be charged and discharged from more than 500 times.
What is the main battery and a secondary battery? Once an ordinary dry battery can only be used once, it is also known as the secondary battery. The secondary battery of the power battery pack (also known as a traction battery) is the current main power source electric vehicle. Another significant difference is their energy and load capacity, high energy of the battery, but their relatively small load capacity of the self-discharge rate of the secondary battery.

What is the difference between the battery and the secondary battery? Shenzhen electric rectus high truck determines the recharging type of the electrochemical cell inside the battery, according to its composition and structural electrode, the reversible reaction between the internal structure of the active rechargeable battery. In theory, this reversibility is not affected by the influence of the number of cycles, self-quantity and reversible changes caused by charging and discharging of structural electrodes, and internal rechargeable batteries must be designed to support this change, because once Battery discharge is only done, it is much simpler, and does not require this change in the internal support structure, so this approach is very dangerous economy, if necessary, if necessary, choose The battery can be referred to as a secondary battery or battery.

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