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What is lead-acid battery hygiene protection distance

What is lead-acid battery hygiene protection distanceAt present, my country's environmental protection department is carried out along the 1989 Health Protection Distance Standard for Lead Acid Battery Factory. Among them, the definition of the sanitary protection distance of lead-acid battery is: the boundaries of sectors (workshops or work segments) that produce harmful factors to the minimum distance of the boundary of the residential area. In this standard, a protective distance from 300 meters and up to 800 meters is specified in accordance with the production scale and the average wind speed of nearly 5 years.
"The protection distance is the most basic requirement for battery production." Wang Canfa, Professor, China University of Political Science and Law, "The requirements for 300-800 meters of lead-acid storage battery factories, only general health protection distance, rather than non-polluting distance The health protection distance is the development of the health department. It has been developed from the health and human health perspective. Even if it reaches, it cannot guarantee that there is no pollution; but if this standard is not reached, it is impossible for health protection. "
The first point in the "Lead Battery Industry Access Condition" implemented on July 1, 2012, also mentioned the safety protection path in the enterprise layout.

Therefore, the location of lead-acid storage batteries and residential areas should consider the influence of factors such as wind direction and terrain, and minimize contamination of the atmospheric environment of the residential area.

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