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2013 lithium battery industry competition pattern presents 3 characteristics

2013 lithium battery industry competition pattern presents 3 characteristicsThe value-added opportunities of the upstream mineral products and the benefits of lithium carbonate production enterprises. In 2013, international lithium resource concentration will continue to improve, especially Talisson's acquisition, the market is strongly expected to rise in the price of mineral products next year, and the construction of mineral production capacity of mineral resources in China will also speed up. If the price of ore products is slow, the product of lithium carbonate is also expected to improve, it is recommended to pay attention to Jiangt motor, Tianqi Qi Qian, Lu Xiang shares.

Key material field“Placement dispute”and“Supply chain dispute”upgrade. The domestic lithium battery key material field has entered the second year of the window period, the field of lithium hexafluorophosphate“Placement dispute”Will be the theme, downstream electrolyte fields“Supply chain dispute”It will also run through the whole year. The first phase of the production line of many listed companies in the diaphragm is intensive, and the lower reaches is expected to be triggered.“Second investment”wave. In terms of investment, it is recommended to pay attention to the multifluoro and nine or nineteen, and the new union in the field of electrolyte. It is recommended to pay attention to Zhangzhou Pearl, Nanyang Technology and 999.

The 2013 lithium battery industry competition pattern presents three major characteristics. We believe that in 2013, the lithium battery market will continue to maintain stable growth. From the field of downstream applications, the energy storage market is expected if the policy supports in place. The 2013 industrial pattern will present three characteristics: 1) The value of upstream mine products is expected to increase, domestic ore mining capacity has expanded; 2) Key Materials of Lithium Battery“Placement dispute”and“Supply chain dispute”Interanded; 3) The number of new products added in various manufacturers increased.

The performance of the positive electrode material is inversion chance. From the 2012 year's profitability, the profitability of the positive electrode material is steadily recalling, but the fourth quarter“Peak season”The manifestation is slightly lower than expected, and the speed of performance has increased the proportion of high-end products. It is recommended to pay attention to the scientific and Shanxi shares.

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