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Tell your forklift explosion-proof knowledge

Tell your forklift explosion-proof knowledgeChemical blasting is divided into solid, liquid, and gas blasting based on material conditions. Many occupations and units such as oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, pigment, paint, coal are produced, diluted, liquefied, and stored fuel-fired gas; or produce, filled, released and stored fuel combustible liquids and uses these liquid disposal. When the object is cleaned, the combustible gas or dust of the episode is mixed with air to form a burst mixture, thereby turning these regions into a region where the general vehicle cannot enter.
The explosion-proof forklift is designed and produced specifically for the place where the blasting gas or dust is perhaps, mainly to avoid the vehicle in the blasting gas environment. The following good luck forklift rent for everyone, there are some explosion-proof knowledge on explosion-proof forklifts:
First, the conditions of blasting gas blasting
1. Internal due conditions: the concentration of flammable gas is within a certain range, the lowest concentration to the highest concentration is blasting.
2, external cause conditions: extinguishing the flash arc or open flame, the ambient temperature arrives above the self-combustion point, there is a certain energy radiation, and maybe the action is detonated. In detail, it is reflected in the vehicle: electric spark; mechanical bumps; motor, electric control, brake, oil pump and valve, etc., the temperature of easy heating parts, may trigger blasting.
Second, blasting gas environment, distinguishing between three regions according to its risk level
0 District: Blasting gas environment in appearance or temporary place. (Opened industrial vehicles are not allowed to enter)
Zone Zone: Places where the blasting gas environment may occur during normal operation.
Zone 2: When operating normally, there may be a blasting gas environment, assuming that there is an accidental episode, and is only a place in a short period of time.
Now the international explosion-proof forklifts can only be safely operated in the first zone and 2 districts.
Third, the explosion-proof method adopted by the explosion-proof forklift
1. Substantive safety: Sprinkler from the energy of the circuit, whether the spark, arcing and temperature of the episode, the sparks, arcs and temperatures are not sufficient to extinguish the explosive gas when normal or short-circuit disadvantages.
2, explosion-proof forklift construction explosion-proof type: use an isolation approach to block the appliance and surrounding environment. Commonly used: explosion-proof type, increased security type, positive pressure type, fuel oil type, sand-shaped, water supply type.

The explosion-proof type of the electric explosion-proof current is mainly separated, and the principle is that the electrical equipment can send the spark arc to the assembly of the sparks, and the blades can accept the external pressure without damage, and When the external flame gas can pass through the gap, the decrease energy is not sufficient to detonate the gas outside the shell.

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