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Solar battery is a major guarantee for spacecraft and astronaut safety

Solar battery is a major guarantee for spacecraft and astronaut safetyThe power supply is a major guarantee for spaceship and astronauts. 811 experts say that the requirements for power supply are designed.“Normal fault, secondary fault safety”When the power supply has a fault, the spacecraft can be flying normally. Once a second fault occurs, there is enough power to ensure that the instructions on the ground can be transferred to the spacecraft, indicating that the astronauts operate the spacecraft to return to the ground immediately.“Of course, we have never been faulty.”811 experts said proudly.

Be“When the spacecraft flight is flying, the solar cell is powered by solar cells, power supply, and the shaded area with chemical batteries.”811 experts say that the spacecraft is unprecedented, and the battery is fully charged, the launch ignition and flight is used in chemical batteries. Normal discharge is 1-2 hours after the chemical battery is fully charged, which is considered various factors that may happen in flight. If the first circle of the earth is flying, it is assumed that the solar windsurfile can not be opened normally, and it is necessary to fly the second circle. Try again, while a circle of the earth is flying for 91 minutes.

Be“Solar battery wings have a total of 8 battery boards, one side, and power generation power is 1800 watts.”811 experts introduced that the solar cell is powered by the spacecraft, while charging the battery. In 91 minutes around the ground, 54 minutes in the Light Zone, 37 minutes in the shaded area, and the power supply design took advantage of this 54 minutes.

811 experts also introduced that the power supply is on the spaceship of spacecraft“Heavy weight”Therefore, the weight loss design is very critical. my country's manned spaceflight develops for decades, and it has been continuously updated on the type of power supply, structure and chemical cells, and the weight has been reduced to the minimum design.

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