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Medical equipment with 12V8ahvrla battery capacity and voltage attention

Medical equipment with 12V8ahvrla battery capacity and voltage attentionQuestion 2: We all read a concerted article in "energy storage science and technology" "can be charged with lithium metal negatives - road in front of the current hot lithium metal negative study, various The three-dimensional set fluid, surface modifying layer, electrolyte additive, and solid electrolyte are endless, but these solutions have basically not involved in the lithium negative exchange current density of lithium negative exchange in the article. Ask from this matter, what do you think is reasonable?

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STR: As I mentioned in this article, the main reason for the growth of metal lithium surface is electrochemically solubilized - the unevenness of deposition. Liquid phase mass transfer and surface electron exchange is an indispensable two steps during metal lithium deposition. Since the electronic exchange step of the lithium electrode reaction is quickly (that is, the exchange current density I0 is large), the liquid phase mass transfer becomes a speed control step. However, in the actual electrochemical system, the lithium ion mass transfer flow to reaching the surface of the electrode is not exactly the same, which causes the lithium layer speed to the electrodes to be different, and the root cause of the growth of lithium branches. Therefore, the theoretical pathway to solving the problem of lithium branch is: 1, reduce the exchange current density of lithium electrode reactions. If the study and discovery of an additive that can occur in the surface of the lithium negative electrode, the two-electrical layer structure and potential distribution are changed; or an electrochemical polarization of lithium deposition reaction using a complexing agent cooperating with lithium ions. Or reduce the activity of lithium in the solid phase (such as using alloy composition). 2, the lithium ion mass transfer flow of homogenization to the surface of the electrode. In theory, this goal can be achieved by modifying a very uniform, dense, dense, and lithium-ion conductivity, and a surface electrolyte layer having a liquid phase and low lithium ion conductivity.

The car enterprise is a mainstream joint venture that has not yet launched new energy vehicles, and the new energy integral policy has brought unprecedented pressure. General and Volkswagen have proposed in different occasions, and 2018 is difficult. Domestic Automobile Industry Association, China Automobile Association and National Multiplier Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been delayed in the first year to implement new energy vehicle points policy. "The SAIC has collected many opinions of automobile companies. If the dual-point management approach is officially implemented from next year, most companies are difficult. I am afraid there is only BYD, Jianghuai is in the new energy field, and there is no joint venture burden Enterprises can meet the standard.

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