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Solar LED lighting principle and technology

Solar LED lighting principle and technology   Solar can be the most direct most common and cleaner energy in the earth. The solar energy is a huge renewable energy. It reaches approximately equal to 250 million barrel of oil per day. It can be said that it is not exhausted. exhaust. The spectra of the LED is almost all concentrated in the visible optical band, so the luminous efficiency is high. The general people believe that energy-saving lamps can save 4/5 is great innovation, but the LED is more powerful than energy-saving lamps, which is a more great solid source. reform. Solar LED lighting integrates the advantages of solar energy and LEDs.

   This article makes a deep discussion and detailed introduction to a solar LED high power street lamp.

   1, system introduction

   1.1 System Basic Composition Introduction

   The system consists of a portion of the solar cell module (including the bracket), the LED strip, the control box (inner controller, battery) and the lamp lever; the solar panel light efficiency reaches 127Wp / m2, high efficiency, anti-wind resistance to the system The design is very advantageous; the lamp head portion is integrated with 1 W white LED and 1W yellow LEDs to arrange a spacing of a spacing as a planar light source.

   The control box body is made of stainless steel, it is beautiful and durable; the control box is placed maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charge and discharge controller. This system uses a valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery. Since it is very maintenance, it is called“Maintenance-free battery”It is conducive to the reduction in system maintenance costs; charge and discharge controllers are designed to have functions (with optical control, time control, over-conservation, overprint protection and reverse protection, etc.) and cost-effective .

   1.2 Working principle introduction

   The system works simple, solar cells made by the photovoltaic effect principle, the sun radiation can receive solar radiation and convert it into the electric energy output. After the charge and discharge controller is stored in the battery, the light is gradually reduced to 10LUX, solar cells The board open circuit is about 4.5V, and the charge and discharge controller detects this voltage value, and the battery is discharged. After 8.5 hours of battery discharge, the charge and discharge controller operates, and the battery discharge is completed. The main role of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.

   2, system design ideas

   The design of the solar street lamp is the same as the general solar lighting, but there is more links that need to be considered. Hereinafter, this solar LED high-power street lamp with Hong Kong Zhenling Group Co., Ltd. is an example, divided into several aspects.

   2.1 Solar battery module selection

   Design requirements: Guangzhou area, load input voltage 24V power consumption 34.5W, working hours a day is 8.5h, ensuring continuous rainy days 7 days.

   (1) Guangzhou area has average radiation amount of 107.7kcal / cm2 in the past 20 years.

   (2) Load sun consumption = = 12.2ah

   (3) Total charging current required for solar components = 1.05×12.2×÷(3.424×0.85) = 5.9A

   Here, the design of the two consecutive rain days is 20 days, and 1.05 is a comprehensive loss coefficient of solar cell module system, 0.85 is the battery charging efficiency.

   The minimum total power of the solar module = 17.2×5.9 = 102W

   Select peak output power 110WP, standard battery components of single block 55WP, should ensure that street lamp systems operate in most cases in most cases.

   2.2 Battery selection

   Battery design capacity calculations are simpler than the peak tiles of the solar module.

   According to the above calculations, the load sun consumption is 12.2ah. In the case of the battery, you can work in a row, plus the work at the first night, the battery capacity:

   12.2×(7 + 1) = 97.6 (AH), the battery can be satisfied with 2 12V100AH ​​batteries.

   2.3 Solar Battery Component Bracket

   2.3.1 Clamp

   In order to allow solar battery components to receive the solar radiation received as much as possible in the year, we have to choose an optimal inclination for the solar cell module.

   Discussion on the best inclination in solar cell components, in recent years, there is a lot of academic publications. This street light uses the area for the Guangzhou area, according to the information in this design reference, the selection of solar cell assembly brackets is 16o.

   2.3.2 Wind wind design

   In the solar street lamp system, the problem that needs very much attention to the structure is the wind design. The wind is mainly divided into two major blocks, one for the windshield of the battery assembly bracket, and the second is the windshield of the light lever. The following is analyzed in the above two pieces.

   (1) Solar battery assembly bracket

   According to the technical parameters of the battery pack manufacturer, the solar cell module can withstand the wind pressure of 2700 Pa. If the wind is selected to be 27m / s (equivalent to ten typhoon), depending on the non-stick fluid mechanics, the battery pack is only 365Pa. Therefore, the component itself can completely withstand the wind speed of 27 m / s and not damaged. Therefore, the key to the design is to consider the connection of the battery pack bracket and the pole.

   In the design of this set of street lamp systems, the battery pack and the connection design of the light lever is fixedly connected using a bolt rod.

   (2) Road light pole's wind design

   The parameters of the street light are as follows:

   Battery board tilt A = 16o light pole height = 5m

   Design Select the width of the bottom weld bottomδ= 4mm lightstar bottom outer diameter = 168mm

   The weld is on the surface of the lamp to destroy the surface. The calculation point P to the calculation point P to the polar P-to-the-light line of the light lever is PQ = [5000+ (168 + 6) / TAN16O]×SIN16O = 1545mm = 1.545m. Therefore, the wind load on the torque M = f on the designer of the light pole×1.545.

   The maximum allowable wind speed according to the design of 27M / s, 2×The basic load of the 30W double lamp head solar street light battery board is 730N. Consider 1.3 safety factor, f = 1.3×730 = 949n.

   So M = f×1.545 = 949×1.545 = 1466N.m.

   Depending on the derivation of mathematics, the resistance of the circular designs surface W =π×(3R2δ+ 3Rδ2+δ3).

   In the above formula, R is the inner diameter of the ring,δIt is a ring width.

   Destructive surface resistance W =π×(3R2δ+ 3Rδ2+δ3)

   =π×(3×842×4 + 3×84×42 + 43) = 88768mm3

   = 88.768×10-6 m3

   Stress caused by the moment of wind load on the destructive surface = m / w

   = 1466 / (88.768×10-6) = 16.5×106pa = 16.5 MPA << 215MPA

   Among them, 215 MPa is the anti-bending strength of Q235 steel.

   Therefore, the weld width of the design is satisfied, as long as the welding quality can guarantee, the windshield's wind wind is no problem.

   2.4 controller

   The main role of the solar charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery. Basic functions must have excessive protection, overprofit protection, optical control, time control and anti-reverse contact.

   Battery anti-supercharge, the general parameters of the overlapping voltage are as shown in Table 1. When the battery voltage reaches the set value, the state is changed.

   On the selection device, there is currently a single-chip microcomputer, there is also a comparator, more schemes, each of which, should be selected according to the needs of the customer base, and will be described herein.

   2.5 surface treatment

   This series of products uses new technologies for electrostatic coating. It is based on FP professional building materials coatings. It can meet customers' requirements for the color and environmental coordination of products. At the same time, the products are self-cleaning resistance, strong resistance, and aging, suitable for any Climate environment. The processing process is designed to be painted on the basis of hot dipping, which greatly improves product performance, and has reached the most stringent AAMA2605.2005 requirements, and other indicators have reached or exceed the relevant requirements of GB.

   3, conclude

   The design basically considers all aspects; the summit number selection design and battery capacity selection design of the photovoltaic module uses the most common design method, the design idea is more scientific; the wind is designed from the battery pack and the light pole two Analysis, the analysis is more comprehensive; surface treatment has adopted the current state of technology; the overall structure of the street light is simple and beautiful; the actual operation proof is better than the matching.

   The initial investment in solar LED lighting is still a major problem that plagues us. However, the light efficiency of solar cells is gradually improved, and the price will gradually decrease, and the LED light efficiency in the market is rapidly increased, and the price is reduced. Compared with the renewable, clean-free pollution of solar energy, conventional fossil energy has become increasingly harmful, and the environment will have increasingly serious pollution after use. Therefore, solar LED lighting is a kind of outdoor lighting, which is an outdoor lighting, which will be infinite and vast prospects.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery