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About forklift battery shell rupture repair method

About forklift battery shell rupture repair methodAs the traction, the forklift battery is the main source of the forklift. The price component is an important tributary. During the use process, more or less due to improper use, such as the replacement monomer may increase the cost of corporate cost, Xiaobian simple Say the original repair method: The battery housing material is a polypropylene plastic, and the epoxy resin repair method, the rosin-pitch repair method, the cotton asbestos and paint repair method, the solder of the four methods require a variety of raw materials. Proportion. Since the raw materials are not easy to prepare, the process is complex, the repair time is long, which does not adapt to the market maintenance. It uses carbon fires, blowers, electric furnaces in high temperature, as long as they are not burning, and there is no explosion. When the valve hole is warmed, it is necessary to cover the cover, put on the asbestos cloth, plus water, protect the valve hole is not deformed, this kind of battery hydration should be filled, in a single battery, there is no flow water. The author has continuously explored, optimized, summarized in many years of repair practice, and found a utility method with low cost, simple process, short repair time - plastic welding method. The specific steps are as follows:

1. First find the approximate range of rupture. Be

2. Tighten the plug cover, clean it with a brush to brush it, dry water with an adjustable plastic welding torch (referred to as a welding torch), and seal the ventilation small hole with a transparent tape or label paper. It is best to prepare a plug-in cover, the vent hole is heatized with a plastic rod, which is more convenient to use during maintenance. Be

3. Put the side of the rupture, clean the break around the rupture, and then use the solder torch to dry water. Be

4. Select the gear position of the solder torch. After the plastic rod is heated, it is evenly applied to the surrounding of the rupture, and the preparative patch is prepared in advance (the outer casing or recorder housing of the battery, the material is not limited) is pressed at rupture, and Continue to heat one, two minutes, stop heating and cool after waiting for all bonding. Be

5. Remove the liquid cover, remove the transparent tape on the plucking cover to check the liquid level, if there is a leakage-deficient, should add the electrolyte. If it is not urgent, it should be supplemented with charging and density adjustment; if it is urgent, you can use it directly. Finally, if the forklift battery monomer housing cannot be repaired, only the monomer is replaced, which is sequentially welded.

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