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Method and maintenance of special oil barrel clamps for truck

Method and maintenance of special oil barrel clamps for truckMethod and maintenance of special oil barrel clamps for truck
The oil barrel clamp is simple and easy to operate, but there are still a lot of details. It is very important to pay attention to the use of oil barrel clamps only from detail.
How to use oil barrel clamp:
1. Working under poor road conditions, the weight should be appropriately reduced, and the speed of travel is reduced.
2. When loading the goods, the height of the fork should be adjusted according to the size of the cargo, and the weight of the goods should be averaged by two goods, so as to avoid shunting to the cargo. After the fork is inserted, the fork wall should be in contact with the cargo, and then adjust the height of the fork, raise the fork to 20 mm or more.
3. Carrying the goods over 7 ¡ã should make the goods above the slope. Do not stop in a hurriculous brakes when transporting cargo is driving to prevent cargo. When carrying a large volume of goods, the cargo is blocked, and the oil barrel clamp should be driven at low speed.
4, during the work, if the suspicious abnormal phenomenon is found, you must immediately park your check, take measures to eliminate it, do not continue to work without excluding the fault.
5, after work, the oil barrel clamp should be stopped at the designated position.
6. Any person does not use oil barrel clamps without consent. In order to improve the life of the oil barrel clamp and prevent accidental accidents, in order to maintain the best operating state of the oil barrel clamp and the normal operation of each of the parts, the machine must be strictly maintained in the process.
7. Check the fastening of the mechanical coupling of the oil barrel clamp, especially the steering system, wheel, lifting mechanism and other coupling bolts and locking devices are fastened and correct.
8. Check the pipelines and joints of the oil barrel clamps and the joints without damage, looseness and oil.
9. The oil barrel fixture can only be used within the designated area: the new workshop, the second floor and the warehouse, without special circumstances, the oil barrel fixture is not allowed to use the area other than the workshop;
Daily maintenance of oil barrel clamps:
In order to ensure that the oil barrel clamp is working properly and reliable, it is necessary to work efficiency, and the relevant responsible person regularly do the following technical maintenance:
1. Daily maintenance: After the work of each class, clean the stains, soils, etc. on the body in time, check whether the vehicle body is scratched, whether the steering device is reliable, flexible;

2. Level 1 Technical Maintenance: After 100 hours of work, (a work system is equivalent to 2 weeks) Check the fastening situation of each part, the focus is: the forklift support, wheel screw, wheel fixation, steering screws.

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