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Medical equipment for 2V400AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

Medical equipment for 2V400AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersThe metal lithium secondary battery serves as a high capacity battery with a very broad development prospect. In the surface of the lithium negative surface, a stable SEI film is critical to the lithium secondary battery, and the long cycle life is critical. Although the study of SEI film components and structures has made great progress,

But there is still an unresolved problem: (1) The current research work does not have an accurate analysis of each chemical component in the SEI film; (2) still can't flexibly control the thickness, density, ion of the SEI film. Conductivity and other properties. In the future, the electrolyte should be effectively combined with non-in-situ manufacturing methods, and the SEI film having high strength, good toughness and excellent lithium-ion conductivity is expected to realize the commercialization of metal lithium secondary batteries.

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