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Determination of UPS uninterruptible power supply battery discharge time

Determination of UPS uninterruptible power supply battery discharge timeAfter the main electric power is powered off, the UPS is on battery energy storage to power supply. Standard UPS itself has a battery in which you can continue to power supply for a few minutes to dozens of minutes after power failure; while long-acting UPS is equipped with an external battery pack, which can meet the needs of users to continue power supply for a long time, generally long The efficient UPS full load configuration time can reverbe more than a few hours.
Generally, long-acting UPS spare time is mainly limited by factors such as battery cost, installation space, and battery return time. Generally, the UPS is used in a region where the power environment is poor and the power outage is used. When power outage, the UPS is first powered by the battery, such as a long power failure, can start the sparer generator to continue power supply to UPS, and switch to the main electricity supply when the market is recovered.
Battery power is mainly affected by factors such as load size, battery capacity, ambient temperature, battery discharge cutoff voltage. The general computer UPS battery is powered time, first calculate the battery discharge current, and then investigate the discharge time according to the battery discharge curve. Battery discharge current can be calculated as follows:
Discharge current = UPS capacity (VA) ¡Á power factor / (battery discharge average voltage ¡Á efficiency)

If calculating the battery discharge time under the actual load, simply exchange the UPS capacity to the actual load capacity.

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