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12V4AH, three-yuan lithium battery production process

12V4AH, three-yuan lithium battery production processThe standard battery upgraded version of Model 3 (including the basic version of the auxiliary driving feature) is priced from the original 355,800 yuan to 29.905 million (including subsidies). And on Tuesday, January 7, Model 3 manufactured by Tesla Super Factory, China will also be officially delivered. Tesla New Year's Day blessing is both a customer, an opponent, confidence full, domineering.

Xiahua battery has: tubular battery, colloidal battery, sealed battery, maintenance-free battery, OPZV tubular battery, OPZS battery, deep circulation battery, can not help but remember that the iPhone4 released the slogan of apple's stunned four-seat - "Once again, change everything". Tesla 3, is it possible to become an iphone 4 of the electric car industry, change everything throughout the automotive industry? Support the Shanghai factory that supports its production speed and price, is it a magical existence? The National Thai Junan Ante and we shared their * new point of view: "The price of such a low position is sincere, it is not covered by Tesla on China's global * big potential electric vehicle market, but also means Tesla The domestic production of the supply chain is being carried out at speeds of exceeding everyone.
Nanjing Xiahua Company produced Huizhou card OPZS tube-type battery main model: OPZS-200, OPZS-250, OPZS-400, OPZS-500, OPZS-600, OPZS-800, OPZS -1000, OPZS-1200, OPZS-1500, OPZS-2000, OPZS-3000
'01 Tesla speed from Shanghai Pudong Airport to southwest, traveling over a high speed around the city for about 40 minutes, more than a year ago, it is still a farmland. On October 17, 2018, Teslaguan Xuan, a successful price of RMB 973 million, successfully won the Q01-05 plot of Shanghai Lingang Equipment Industry Zone, with an area of ​​1297.32 mu. So this farmland, this avatar is a super factory in Shanghai. Building a factory requires a lot of money, and it is more necessary to build a factory with an unusual speed, and the consumption of funds is larger.
Huizhong brand battery after-sales service contact: after-sales service phone: 0510-81813146 025-56612958 official website:
In March 2019, Tesla announced the signing agreement with China's many banks (including China Construction Bank, China Agricultural Bank, China Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank), with total loans of 3.5 billion yuan. Since then in October and in December, Tesla has also connected from a number of banks with "*" high-quality state-owned enterprises to get * low interest rates "accumulated loans of 15 billion yuan. Source continuous funds, let Tesla super factory compress the 1-2 years of construction to 8 months. Mask has used "shock" to express everything in front of the eye, and this speed is also defined by Shanghai official as - "Tesla Speed".
Since Shandong, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector, the city, counties and streets have been actively active, and resolutely do a good job in central environmental inspections, and actively conduct self-examination. In order to promote environmental protection outline, some townships, streets are carefully deployed, rapid action, attack hard, dare to act, and force environmental protection remediation. At the morning of August 17th, I saw that several workers were temporarily sealed to a septic tank, and several workers were temporarily sealed to prevent rain and water. Odor overflow. According to Yan Peng, Vice Foreign Town, Renfeng Town, there are 6 pig farms near the plot, which previously caused pollution to the river in the presence of sewage in the absence of sewage.

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