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Performance parameters of 12V80AH polymer lithium battery with 12V80AH polymer

Performance parameters of 12V80AH polymer lithium battery with 12V80AH polymerQuestion 6: Why is the temperature affect battery usage?

The temperature of the battery is also large for the battery, and the battery life will be shortened when the ambient temperature is above 40 ¡ã C or below -10 ¡ã C.

Therefore, when the temperature is low in winter, the temperature decreases by 1 degree, and the capacity drops by 1%. Electric car batteries should be stored indoors and charge in indoors.
Question Seventh: What is the reason for electric cars spontaneous?

1. The battery is charged in the late stage, producing a large number of H2 and O2, when encountering an open flame, it will burn, explode.
2, the line is insulated, leakage, short circuit, causing electric wire combustion, and then burning at the whole vehicle.
3. Insurers fail to replace it with iron and copper wire.

Question Eight, what is the precautions in the battery?

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