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Solar system with 6V7ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and price

Solar system with 6V7ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and priceType use and maintenance management of ship batteries

The battery is also known as a secondary battery, which is a electrical device that stores the obtained electrical energy in the form of chemical energy and can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Marine environmental technical conditions must meet the following points: Different electrolytes, usually divided into alkaline batteries and acid batteries. In recent years, due to the high-speed development of traffic, communication, computer industry, its product line, product type, product performance have changed, to meet the needs of different purposes. The battery is mainly used in various vehicles, ships, airlines, etc., such as internal combustion engines, and lighting, ignition, energy storage, emergency power supply, telephone exchange, uninterruptible power supply, mobile communication, computer, electronic, instrument, portable electric tool, electric toys, etc. In short, in national defense, industrial and agricultural production, transportation, electricity, electronics, communications, teaching, scientific research, medical and health, and people's daily lives. With the rapid development of transportation, energy, communications, electronics and computer industries, China has developed rapidly, until the beginning of the 1990s, there are many companies engaged in battery production, including maintenance, valve-controlled lead-acid battery, metal The outlet of new battery storage batteries such as oxide nickel battery, lithium-ion battery has an upward trend.

Ship batteries are generally used with 200ah (or 150ah) flat batteries, and the current Topower new tender battery is better.

The principle of the battery: the battery is also known as the secondary battery, and is an electrical device that stores the obtained electrical energy in the form of chemical energy and can convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

Nanjing Xiahua Company produced Huizhou card OPZS tube-type battery main model: OPZS-200, OPZS-250, OPZS-400, OPZS-500, OPZS-600, OPZS-800, OPZS -1000, OPZS-1200, OPZS-1500, OPZS-2000, OPZS-3000
Common battery with lead-acid batteries, cadmium-nickel batteries, iron nickel batteries, metal oxide batteries, zinc silver storage batteries, zinc nickel batteries, hydrogen-nickel batteries, lithium ion batteries, and the like.

1 lead-acid battery negative is lead, the positive electrode is a lead, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid, mainly a start-type, fixed type, traction type, power type, and portable type, most of which is an opening or an antiprocalyptic, a small amount of a colloidal electrolyte battery. In recent years, sealing lead acid and other types of battery products have replaced the original lead-acid batteries in many fields. Lead-acid batteries have low price, suitable for low temperature high magnification discharge, widely used. However, since the lead-acid battery is low, the production process is toxic, polluted environment, affects the scope of use.

2 Cadmadi-nickel battery negative is cadmium, positive extremely nickel oxide, and electrolyte is aqueous potassium hydroxide aqueous solution. Common shapes are squares, buckles, and cylindrical, three structures that are open, sealed, and full seals. The polar plate is also divided into a plate, sintered, compressed and pulp. The cadmium-nickel battery has the characteristics of high discharge ratio, good low temperature performance, long cycle life.

3 Metal hydride nickel battery is a new product developed in the 1980s. The negative is an absorbent hydrogen-hydrogen-free earth alloy. It is extremely nickel oxide. The electrolyte is potassium hydroxide, a lithium hydroxide solution, which is 1.5-2 times larger than cadmium nickel battery. Capacity, fast charge, excellent high-magnification discharge performance and low temperature discharge performance, cheap, non-polluting, called green environmentally friendly batteries.

4 iron nickel battery negative is iron powder, the positive electrodes are nickel oxide, and the electrolyte is a potassium hydroxide or aqueous sodium hydroxide solution. It has the characteristics of strong structure, durability, long life, and low energy, mostly used in mine transport vehicle power supply.

5 zinc silver battery negative is zinc, positive is silver hydroxide, electrolyte is aqueous potassium hydroxide aqueous solution, high than energy, excellent high-magnification discharge performance, but high, mostly used for military industrial and weapon systems.

6 Zinc nickel battery negative is zinc, positive extremely nickel oxide, electrolyte is aqueous potassium hydroxide aqueous solution, with high ratio energy, low price, short life, has a relatively improvement of circulating life of zinc nickel battery in recent years, The increase in cycle life will be wider.

7 Lithium ion battery negative is carbon (graphite), the positive electrode is lithium oxide, with an organic electrolyte, high voltage, high compared to energy, and has no pollution, and is called a green power supply.

Huizhong solar street tissue battery has a long life, low temperature performance, easy maintenance, long use time, and so on.

Marine environmental technical conditions must meet the following points:

(1) Adapt to vibration and impact. Vibration can make the fixation or connecting components of the electrical equipment to make the component structure damage or fail. Therefore, there must be anti-loose measures, vibration damping or vibration-enrolling measures, with rugged vibration and impact mechanical structures.

(2) Adapt to tilt and swing. Sustained tilt and swaying disrupt the balance of the normal stationary position, which generates an additional force to the moving parts, causing equipment failure or damage.

(3) Adapt to the ambient temperature. Ambient temperature has an important impact on the performance and service life of electrical equipment. The ambient temperature includes air temperature and seawater temperature.

(4) Adapt to the environment of moisture, salt fog, oil mist and mold. The moisture, salt fog, oil mist and mold of the ambient air have lowered the insulation properties of the electrical equipment insulating material to cause rust and corrosion of the metal components. Wet salt fog forms a humid leakage film on the surface of the insulating material, secreting organic acids under wet heat conditions, exacerbated the humidity of the surface. Oil mist and dust are adhered to the surface to increase the leakage of the surface, and hinder heat dissipation to increase the temperature. Wet water molecules penetrate into the cracks and capillary holes of the insulating material, resulting in increased leakage current, resulting in a decrease in insulation resistance. Many electrical equipment damage is often caused by the thermal shot of the insulating material. Since the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the aging of the insulating material will be accelerated, and the insulation performance is lost. Therefore, the marine cable, wire, winding, etc. should be used with higher heat resistance grades, resistant to salt, anti-bacteria insulating materials, good flame retardancy, good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

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