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Winter needs to pay attention to tire pressure oil battery

Winter needs to pay attention to tire pressure oil batteryAutumn is coming, the winter is not far away.

In winter, it is an easy to fail, so it is important to do car maintenance in winter. For your car, how to spend the winter is also very learning:

If you want to get to zero degrees Celsius, you should replace the frozen winter glass water, or simpler, add appropriate proportion of alcohol to reducing freezing points, frozen purposes;

The battery is most afraid of low temperature, and the battery capacitance is much lower than that in the low temperature environment. Therefore, the electrolyte of the battery should therefore be supplemented, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be adjusted. At the same time, clean the wires of the battery, and apply special grease to protect, and ensure reliable startup, extend battery life. If the vehicle is not available in the open air or cold storage, the battery should be removed, stored in a relatively warm room, and damage to the battery.

In winter, tire rubber is hard and confluent, the friction coefficient will decrease, but the tire gas pressure is not too high, but it is not too low, the external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, and the soft tires are severely accelerated. In winter, you should often clean the tire clamps, try to avoid using a tire that makes up more than one tire, replacing the wear and different lines of different brands.

It is necessary to check the antifreeze and oil, if the summer oil must be replaced, the oil is long, the color is black, and the adhesion is poor should be replaced to ensure smooth engine starts smoothly;

The warm air system has a fault in stopping the use of a long time, so it must be checked whether the wind turbines are running without any abnormality, whether the wind tube is smooth.

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