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Toyota truck fittings and forklift model components

Toyota truck fittings and forklift model componentsToyota truck has FB, FD, FG, FBE, FBR and other models, mainly with two parts of electric forklift and internal combustion truck. Toyota electric forklift is based on battery and DC motor, main accessories with electrical system, Toyota forklift battery and DC motor. The Toyota internal combustion truck is mainly composed of Toyota engine accessories, cooling accessories, gearbox accessories, front bridge accessories, electrical accessories, forklift workplane parts, etc. Toyota truck parts. The specific accessories are as follows:

First, the engine accessories, Toyota internal burning trucks have dedicated accessories. Inner combustion engines include petrol engine, diesel engine, liquid petroleum gas machine and double fuel machine, is collectively referred to as a forklift engine, and is a mechanical mechanical for truck heat energy into mechanical energy. The forklift engine generates power by the crankshaft, and drives the hydraulic pump by transmission, the hydraulic pump is driven, and the fork pickup, stack of goods, etc. Toyota truck engine parts mainly include: forklift four-fitting, cylinder, oil filter, oil filter, oil, crankshaft, crankshaft, crankshaft screw, crankshaft, crankshaft Time gear, timing gear positioning pin, timeller pulley, positive skin pulley screw, connecting rod, connecting rod, stopper, connecting rod copper sleeve, connecting rod screw, link holder, piston, piston ring, piston pin, Piston card spring, cylinder line, intake doors, exhaust valves, intake doors, exhaust doors, valve oil seals, valve catheters, cylinder mats, valve springs, valve ring, valve rocker arm, valve cap , Valve adjustment screw nut, camshaft, camshaft, valve tup, valve tap, timing front cover, camshaft gear, timing gear, over gear, hydraulic gear, diesel pump gear, forklift pump, water pump leather wheel, Fan belt, pump fan, generator assembly, thermostat assembly, cylinder head assembly, air door cover assembly, cylinder cover screw, hydraulic gear bearing, hydraulic gear pump assembly, water temperature sensor, oil sensor, Flywheel, flywheel ring gear, flywheel, crankshaft oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, hand pump assembly, air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, starting machine assembly, diesel high pressure pump assembly, high pressure tube, high pressure oil tunnel assembly , Fuel tube, air tube, water pump small circulation tube, water supply valve, machine foot pad, etc.

Second, cooling accessories, forklift engine operating temperature over or low, not only makes it dynamic and economically deteriorated, but also accelerates the wear or loss of the machine. When the forklift engine works, due to the fuel and the friction between the moving parts produce a large amount of heat, the parts are high and the temperature is high, especially the parts that are in contact with high temperature gas (such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, valves, etc.) due to heat The temperature is very high. If it is not timely cooling, it will cause the mechanism to die and burn, so that the forklift engine fitting cannot work properly. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the machine under high temperature conditions.

Toyota truck cooling accessories mainly include: water pump, radiator, blinds, fan, partial water pipe, thermostat, coolant temperature meter, heat dissipation tank, water tank, water tube, water tube, water tank cover, sub-water tank, sub-water tube, water pipe, water tank Connector, water tank wave box into the oil pipe, water tank wave box exhaust pipe, fan leaf, fan belt, water pump small circulating water pipe, water pump leaf, water pump shaft, pump bearings, water pump oil seals, water pump belt, water temperature sensor, water tank tank, water tank release water Valve, water tank fixing pad, water tank fixed screw, etc.

Third, the gearbox fitting, the forklift transmission is more manual transmission, mainly consisting of gears and shafts, generates a variable speed torque through different gear combinations, and its function is: 1, change the transmission ratio. 2. In the case of the rotation direction of the forklift engine, the forklift can be reversed; 3, utilize the empty block, interrupt power transmission, so that the engine can start, idle, and facilitate shift shift or power output. Toyota truck gearbox accessories mainly include: connecting shell, one axis, separation, separation bearing, separation bearing housing. Clutch press, clutch, a shaft spring, clutch rod, clutch pedal, clutch pump, clutch pump, clutch rod, clutch tube, forward gear, post gear (reverse gear), a gear ( Low speed), two gears (high speed), synchronous gears, front and rear gears, slide, slider, synchronous ring, forward gear truck, back retracting, truck set, output gear, wave box bearing, Wave box shell assembly, one gear, two-speed pulse, a shaft oil seal, drive shaft oil seal, transmission gear, torque converter assembly, oil supply pump assembly, oil clutch tablet, oil clutch, clutch Piston, spring, clutch frame, advancement post-in-oil clutch assembly, wave box A wear-resistant ring, wave box B wear ring, reverse gear shaft, transmission cover, gearbox controller, gearbox solenoid valve, clutch , Clutch, friction plate, gearbox repair package, torque converter connecting plate, gear position switch, wave box filter, wave box filter, wave box drive shaft, etc.

Fourth, front bridge fitting, also known as the forklift bike bridge, the bike bridge of the forklift (also known as the axle) is connected by a suspension with a frame (or carrier body), and the two ends are installed. The vertical loads of the frame are passed through the axle to the wheel; the rolling resistance, driving force, braking force and lateral force on the wheel and its bending moment, the torque is transmitted to the suspension and frame, so the car The role of the bridge is to transfer the respective force between the frame and the wheel and the bending moment and torque thereof.

Toyota truck front bridge parts mainly include: front axle housing, front axle oil screw, front axle oil screw hole, front bridge sensor, front bridge, differential, differential bearing, differential bearing housing, differential speed Merverer housing screw, differential adjustment gasket, excessive gear, over gear bearings, spiral teeth, spiral teeth bearings, spiral teeth, spiral teeth gear, tray tooth, tray screw, cross shaft, planet Gear, planetary gear gasket, semi-axial gear, semi-axis, semi-axial oil seal, semi-axial screw, brake head pump, brake pump, brake tube, brake shoe, hand brake line, brake repair package, brake assembly, hand brake Head, brake hub, hub bearings, hub oil seals, front wheel rings, steel ring screws, hub screws, multi-circuit switching valves, multi-channel valve assembly, direction machine assembly, steering wheel assembly, direction machine repair package , Directional oil pipe, directional machine head, directional pulley, directional machine to help the cylinder assembly, help the cylinder repair package, directional machine cross shaft, directional machine triple board, directional ball head, rear bridge assembly, turn to Yangjiao, steering festival , Steering lead, rear axle bushing, rear bridge bearing, steering cylinder, steering cylinder repair kit, air filter assembly, muffler assembly, hydraulic operating lever, seat cover, seat, seat switch, forklift belt, Fork front tire, forklift rear tire, etc.

V. Electrical system accessories. Toyota truck power system, power equipment (starting system, ignition system, lighting device, signal device, electronic control device, auxiliary electrical), electrical control device (various instruments, warning lights) and protection equipment (junction box, switch, Fuse, insert, wire), etc. Toyota truck appliances mainly include: forklift battery (polar plate / negative plate, positive plate, cover, connecting strip, protective plate, terminal block, sealing, separator, electrolyte, housing, pole column, connecting plate, battery case, Board, module, sensor, steering wheel, capacitor, forklift lock switch (ignition switch), start motor assembly, generator assembly, generator regulator, generator fuse, start relay, starting fuse, Start switch, electric horn, speaker switch, spark plug, distributor, firing line, high pressure package, insurance assembly, instrument panel assembly, turn signal assembly, flash, steering switch assembly, steering bulb, gear switch Cheng, headlight switch, front headlight assembly, big light bulb, small light assembly, small light bulb, reverse switch, brake switch, brake light assembly, brake light bulb, reversing bulb, reverse buzzer, delay Headwork, water temperature sensor, oil sensor, gear position sensor, diesel pump solenoid valve, electronic gasoline pump, diesel sensor, start battery, start cable, preheater, front bridge sensor, full trunk wire harness, etc.

Six, forklift seats, frames. Forklift gear, the frame belongs to the forklift work device system, its role is to take, put, lift, drill the cargo, and carry the cargo in short transportation to complete the forklift, stack, short distance. The working device of the forklift is composed of a substrate device (fork, fork), a gantry (inner door frame, outer door frame), a lifting mechanism, a gantry tilt mechanism, a hydraulic transmission, and a roller.

Toyota truck stand seats mainly include: forklift fork, forklift door frame, gantry, gantry, tile, tilting tank, tilt tank, door frame, door frame, door frame, side shift cylinder, side Transmission system, paper roll holder assembly, clamping cylinder, rotator, turning device, forklift truck cover, forklift tank, forklift paperboard flat clip, forklift pullover, forklift pullers, forklift boom, forklift Hook, forklift tunnel, forklift frame, etc.

The above accessories can be applied to Toyota FB, FD, FG, FBE, FBR, and the specific models are as follows:







FD system
























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