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Overview of the selection and configuration of the forklift battery

Overview of the selection and configuration of the forklift batteryThe forklift battery generally refers to a lead-acid battery or a ferrite cell group for electric forklifts. The capacity configuration of the lead-acid battery can be determined according to the battery size configured in the vehicle itself, but the size of the iron box is often large, Load more high capacity battery packs.

At this time, it is necessary to study the matching of charger. Generally speaking, the charging current of the charger is 0.125 to 0.15 times the battery capacity, such as: 8PZB400 / 48V400AH capacity as an example, iron box size: 970x600x465mm; domestic model is basically 400ah, but This size is up to 480AH / 6PZS480. We correspond to the charger charge current of 400ah * 0.125 = 50A, 400AH * 0.125 = 60A, 480AH * 0.125 = 60A, too small or too large, can cause the battery to be charged or exist Overcharge.

To the lithium iron phosphate battery, it is recommended to select 80% of the lead-acid battery capacity; such as the original lead-acid battery 48V600AH; recommended to select a 480AH ferithium battery pack, due to the different battery parameters, close or slightly large.

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