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Dynamic battery reorganization optimization technology reduces battery cost 15%

Dynamic battery reorganization optimization technology reduces battery cost 15%   Simply look at the role of the power battery management system, participate in the vehicle dispatch, directly determines the service life of the entire set of batteries, this, is a very important part of the electric car, which is the core technology battery management system, and announced 14 patents. , Related to this problem. The mobile phone has a battery management system, but it is only a single battery.   If hundreds of series are connected in series, the problem becomes more complicated. Basically, you need to see what you need, the design, battery screening and optimization of restructuring, telephone simulation, state prediction, hot field analysis, safety testing, full life cycle analysis, system design, the longer life, But the price can be accepted, which is a problem that is compromised.   Drawn by power battery management system, battery modular grouping method, battery online status assessment, power battery system security, efficiency, reliable operation, extend battery mission, improve battery efficiency. We are doing key technologies, mentioning in front of nine aspects, mainly telling some of the progress of the pool. Common battery connection, including series, first compact string, first string and mix string parallel structure. A large number of first-use steps. After the first string, it is also used in a large amount of storage, and there is a mixed series structure. Which way is good, the conclusion will be given later. Battery modular design, Beijing electric sanitation car, 50AH single body 4 and 30 string battery pack, LEAF pure electric car 33AH single body 2 and 96 string battery pack, Volt surrendered electric vehicle 15AH single body 3 and 96 string battery pack, vehicle How much is needed, it is convenient to meet the user's life-saving mileage requirements, making modular, facilitated distributed management control, to distribute maintenance.   After the battery is eliminated on the car, how to use it secondary use, if the modular re-use will have a better effect. Now the BMW is doing this thing, I3 batteries, after it is eliminated, can be used as an energy storage. If you do it as a PAD according to the whole, it is basically not implemented, made into a module, and it can be reused after removing. This is some optimization method for the string parallel structure. The hybrid skewers are parallel, we think it is better. In addition, in parallelization of the mixed string, the parallel composition of the series link is made of the first string and method for easy current prediction. By combining module current reorganization, battery heat film heat dissipation conditions can distinguish what the battery decay path can be distinguished, and it can be accurately known what states.   In series, the factors affecting the trajectory of the recession are inconsistent with its temperature field, and in parallel, in the same way, the temperature field is basically the same. However, in parallel, the current difference between the high and low ends can result in different recession paths.   The surface characteristics of the battery are completely different. It may be in the original interval, everyone can be from 5% to 95%, the decay path is different, and the interval becomes smaller. If you consider the rate of controlling factors in the battery recession, we feel that this mixed structure is better.   The third consideration is a balanced effect, and the first string is connected and connected, you can know that each monomer function is, it is best to play the effect. To play the maximum available capacity of the battery pack, the battery is full, and the module function can be maintained by battery. Regardless of control or balance, it is best to make modularity, all of which are standard, and the modules can be carried out by a mixed manner.   We launched some work in BMS, started in 1997, and now it is basically mature. Now use the vehicle to develop vehicles. Basic Japan, the United States, and South Korea have some research, and some things are also very good. This is some of the domestic major battery packs, as well as power supplies, probably BYD yourself, and Hardui. There is another key technology SOC in the battery.     Ten years ago, there are many in the door, and there are many practical applications in industrialization, most of them are still the case. Recently, there are some progress, optimism, complete industrial application, can be highly accurate, look at some summary, in fact, the previous open loop method is mainly some of time points, open circuit voltage method, AC impedance spectroscopy, DC internal resistance The method is compared with a closed loop method, and the reliability is relatively poor.   Establish a model, correct according to the error correction, based on the SOC curve correction. Take a careful analysis. BMS voltage and current sampling accuracy, by system measurement noise simulation analysis, the estimation error is within 5%, the BMS voltage detection error controls within 5mV, the detection chip is not difficult to achieve, in fact, on-site vehicle application, 5MV can not Decided, carefully design and guarantee.   With regard to the error of the battery model parameters, the simple battery model RPCP model, the conclusion is that these model parameters include internal resistance RO and RP, polarized capacitance CP, battery capacity Q, battery OCV-SOC curve, etc., internal inclusion difference to the battery The SOC estimation accuracy has the greatest impact, the difference between the actual battery can reach 20%, due to causing the COS estimation error to more than 5%, larger rate discharge conditions are larger.     The polarized capacitor CP only affects the battery SOC transient error, and the steady state error is not affected. Battery capacity Q, battery recession Q must have an effect, the error is still small, the battery recession recession from 100% Q, no correction, can guarantee SOC to achieve high precision.     Lithium battery OCV-SOC curves will also be changed by aging, these errors will result in more than 5% SOC estimation error, timely correct OCV-SOC curves, and can get relatively high precision. Finally, do the test situation, regardless of how the battery is recession, can still ensure that the OCV-SoC curve is high, regardless of how to decline within this range, no matter how it changed, can guarantee the SOC error within 5%. Making functional testing. If 80% Q goes or less, solve the SOC problem.   We use three observations: PI, HOO, EKF, PI, but we are best calculated, not only, noise suppression ability is also stronger. High-precision estimation SOC engineering application solutions in full life cycle. Easy Q and polarized capacitor CPs are estimated to SOC, through real-time control, resulting in a relatively high accuracy of SOC.   We are also accelerating optimizing charging technology. The secondary model of charging is not primary, and one method is obtained, and the rapid charging effect is obtained by optimizing the control of the polarization voltage. Battery polarization voltage characteristics, manganese-based batteries and three yuan, almost the same, we are mainly doing this, can be similar curves.     By polarization voltage limit, the boundary curve of the charging current can be obtained. Considering the SOC curve characteristics and change characteristics, you can find longevity charging current curve, which can associate each point, contact the front, to get a boundary curve. Final verification result, 33.6 minutes, of course, can be faster, now there is not so big, 30 minutes, can be 2% to 80%. 0.5c72 minutes, 1C126 minutes.   We did 400 cycles, 0.5c constant current constant pressure charge, recession rate 2.4%, we design 2.02%, the same method, optimized charge 1.4 hours, can be charged, prolong the insistence. Balance control is related to the recession trajectory, the only one of our batteries can balance the maximum ever-all battery SOC to maintain the same range, so that the battery utilization is the highest. If the battery capacity is different, it is impossible to solve it by equalization, so it can only be controlled. In the case of different recessions, the control strategy is not the same.     Look at the conclusion, the balanced and balanced charging curve can be seen, it can be seen after balanced, the SOC after charging is seen, the top 92.2% before the balance, 96.6% after balance, the balanced standard deviation is 2.3%, The standard deviation of the equilibrium is 3.6%. Single 4% is not large, but it is very large with two thousand times 4%. Single battery 0 to 100%, after reorganization, from 5% to 95%, balanced, always maintain 5% to 95%, 90%, not good, keep 10% to 90%, may be 80 %. Briefly introduce some of the work we are doing, using big data technology, battery operation status and installation assessment, battery capacity is getting bigger, so you can pick history data, predict the battery, now all in the laboratory Battery, after the remaining prediction, the battery life is unreliable.     The laboratory did, the battery declines a certain point in time, if it is affected by a disturbance factor, including temperature, sudden current or leakage, current control is completely uncontrolled, and solves this problem by big data. The power battery restructuring optimization technology has some progress and has not yet been completed. Low temperature and rapid heat and insulation technology, there are still some problems in this place in Beijing.     How to use heating in low temperatures, not external plus air conditioners, the efficiency is too low, add some things, control current, make it hot. Flexible grouping techniques for power cells and power electronics depth fuse, hoping to get good applications, in flexible medium-flow transmission, which is the most cost-effective approach. Finally, some conclusions are simply applied. This is given a battery, the Olympics, and the World Expo is all doing, and it has also been tested. According to the conclusion, according to the price, the cost can be reduced by 15% of the car battery. By energy storage applications, there are some new methods, safety is not the problem, the biggest problem, how to reassemble it after removal, withdraw 15% is not enough, Recombination.   How to take the battery to do the energy, this is a big problem. Others are not a problem. The conclusion is to reduce the cost of car battery cost, according to existing electricity. 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