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Introduce lithium battery related terms

Introduce lithium battery related terms1. Battery- (1) single core or (2) a set of battery strings / parallel.
2, Battery, Secondary - Ability to discharge and charge many batteries.
3, Cell-single electrochemical cell containing positive and negative electrodes.
4, Component, CURRENT-LIMITY Any part taken under abnormal conditions, limited current parts include resistors, fuses or hot-cutting components.
5, current, abnormalcharged charges the disposable battery or battery by error.
6, Component, Temperature-Limiting - Any components must be limited by temperature, and the temperature restriction assembly includes a temperature protector and a temperature fuse.
7, discharged, forced to connect the battery to the external power supply to the electrical discharge, the purpose to finally become a reverse polar state.
8, discharged, full, is connected to a 100Ω resistor and short-circuit current decreases to less than 1 mA, and the battery dead cycle loop voltage is less than 0.2V, that is, the battery is fully discharged.
9. Material, Toxic - Toxic industrial products marked in the Dangerous Performance Reference Manual of SAX Industrial Materials.
10, Explosion - When the battery or battery parts are mandatory, the battery or battery housing is damaged or smashed into two or more cases.
11. The electrolyte of the Venting-battery or the battery leaks from the designed valve or sealing mechanism in liquid, drip or steam.
12. ProtectiveDevices - such as FUSE, diodes, and current limitingrs can prevent leakage currents, limit the discharge current in the circuit to one stream discharge or current limitation.

13, ratedCapacity- The capacity measured by a battery or battery is measured in the circuit of the manufacturer's customization of the rules, the temperature fuse, and the power fuses, unit AMH.

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