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Generator 1V1800AHAGM battery specifications and models

Generator 1V1800AHAGM battery specifications and modelsThe PhD, Zhang He, a Ph.D., a Ph.D., a Ph.D., is sitting in the experimental station, and continuously adjusts the connection mode of the device by observing the operation of electrochemical workstation data. This is his daily epitome of his daily life.

"Sometimes the cycle test may take more than a dozen hours, the operator must be in front of the laboratory device." He told the "China Science News". * Close, Zhang He finally relaxed shortly. Under the guidance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dong Shajun, his team successfully implemented continuous conversion and storage of solar energy in the integrated system by constructing a biochemical model based on water / oxygen circulation. Relevant results have been published in "American Chemical Society".

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Uninterrupted solar earth rotation, causing alternating changes in white and night in nature, which leads to intermittent, non-continuous. For conventional photovoltaic devices, to achieve a continuous power output, continuous illumination is the basic condition of the device to function properly. However, affected by regional illumination, energy conversion (light energy to electrical energy) in photovoltaic devices is a non-conneity process. This limits the direct utilization of solar energy to make it unable to meet the power needs of the actual production life. To solve this problem, scientists have proposed corresponding energy reserve strategies to achieve solar transformation and storage by connecting the photoelectrochemical system with secondary batteries or liquid flow battery systems. "But, multi-system continues to have a complex system, high cost, and severe energy transmission loss. "The first author of the paper, the first author of the paper, the multi-system connection is used to consider the matching problem between the system and the system. On the other hand, the energy is easily unavoidable in thermal energy in the transmission transfer process. In this way, there is an effective use of equipment costs and is not conducive to storage energy. In 2018, the team successfully constructed a water / oxygen-based biochemical pool by using the N-type semiconductor light anode and the multiprametic oxidase biological cathode. Continuously stable conversion to chemical energy to electrical energy. However, as the traditional photoelectrochemical system, the operation of the system is completely controlled by the external light, and it is urgent to further correct. "Our team has established a integrated biochemical model system by introducing energy storage module (polypyrole capacitor electrodes) based on the research work. In the state of the water / oxygen in the system, the power output of the source and the steady source of light and the dark field is realized. "Zhang He said.
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