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Generator 12V33AH lithium battery type introduction

Generator 12V33AH lithium battery type introductionThe standard battery upgraded version of Model 3 (including the basic version of the auxiliary driving feature) is priced from the original 355,800 yuan to 29.905 million (including subsidies). And on Tuesday, January 7, Model 3 manufactured by Tesla Super Factory, China will also be officially delivered. Tesla New Year's Day blessing is both a customer, an opponent, confidence full, domineering.

This can't help but remember the slogan of the 3-seat scratch in the iPhone4, "again, change everything". Tesla 3, is it possible to become an iphone 4 of the electric car industry, change everything throughout the automotive industry? Support the Shanghai factory that supports its production speed and price, is it a magical existence? The National Thai Junan Ante and we shared their * new point of view: "The price of such a low position is sincere, it is not covered by Tesla on China's global * big potential electric vehicle market, but also means Tesla The domestic production of the supply chain is being carried out at speeds of exceeding everyone.
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