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EPS emergency power supply 12V10ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and price

EPS emergency power supply 12V10ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and priceProfessor Zhang Qiang, Tsinghua University, Adv. Mater .: Asymmetric Air Cathode Design Enhanced Interfacial Electrocatalytic Reaction in High Performance Zinc Air Battery

In the zinc air battery (ZABS), the air cathode is composed of an oxygen electrical catalyst and a hydrophobic gas diffusion layer (GDL) on the hydrophilic substrate to promote an oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and an epoxy reaction (Oer). However, in the air cathode, the electrochemical reaction involving the gas mainly occurs between the solid electrocatalyst, the liquid electrolyte and oxygen, which means that only the contactless electrocatalyst of the interface area can complete its role. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively utilize electrocatalysts having high internal activity, there must be a multi-phase interface with rich and stable electrocatalytic active sites. Despite this, the interface engineering of the air cathode is rarely attached. The conventional air cathode is loaded with a hydrophilic dual function electrocatalyst layer on the surface of the hydrophobic GDL by a drip or spraying method to construct a multi-phase reactive interface, however, this cathode structure provides a near-phase interface of nearly 2D, it The narrow space being limited between the electrocatalyst layer and GDL. Since this two-dimensional interface can only be exposed to a small portion of the electrocatalyst located near the surface of the GDL, most catalytic sites cannot make practical contributions, and even if the functional active site also has a negative contact with the reaction interface. , Easily fall into the electrolyte during the oxidative reaction process.

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