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Can the energy storage industry helps push a diversified development?

Can the energy storage industry helps push a diversified development?Since the development of the photovoltaic industry, it has experienced a few decades of storm history, and the photovoltaic industry has also matured, and the focus of the photovoltaic industry.——Distributed photovoltaic, still there are many development bottlenecks. Of course, it is not just photovoltaic, and all distributed energy is facing such a might. If distributed energy is unfriendly of the grid, it also directly leads to unfriendly, harmonic pollution, power ratio management of distributed energy, and is uneven for the damage of the grid and the quality of distributed energy power. Become a distributed energy“Fair treatment”Killer puzzle, and as of now, it has not been fully resolved. Saving straw in energy storage or distributed photovoltaic development The photovoltaic industry's significance of China is unprecedented. China's support of the photovoltaic industry is also unprecedented, China's strategic energy is over the past few years, and it has long been subject to European and American countries.   The innovative future photovoltaic industry can help China get rid of the dilemma; the current photovoltaic industry has become a landmark industry with Chinese characteristics, and its worldwide is unmanned, and the Chinese government has effectively stabilized this absolute advantage for the support of the photovoltaic industry. However, the fundamental of support and subsidies is not in a stable position, but the promotion of the benign development of the industry, truly consulted from policies, and the world's first in the photovoltaic industry. And this goal is being realized, and the photovoltaic subsidy is the best proof, and China's photovoltaic future will be a leader in world photovoltaic. Can the energy storage be a flame retardant in the PV industry? The answer is certain. The storage capacity is like a frog, and there is a frog with a frog. With energy storage, photovoltaic power generation can effectively balance the shortcomings of solar power generation, such as discontinuity, power instability, etc., the grid end for the peak tuning of distributed photovoltaic, and power matches can be achieved by means of energy storage facilities. At the same time, energy storage is also an incorporated part of the future intelligent microgrid. With the maturity of technology, the smart grid can match the grid power between the distributed photovoltaic power characteristics intelligently matches the grid power between the minimum and the maximum, and when the power excess is time, the photovoltaic power generation system is charged, when When the solar ray is weak, when the power of the photovoltaic station does not meet the requirements, the energy storage system automatically makes the system, the power network may be more willing to accept distributed energy, given that the current ten photovoltaic power station wants to be connected, and the power grid is Distributed energy grid-based ratio requires harsh (different in different parts of grid network, the overall minimum of 15%, up to 20%), the application of energy storage is bound to increase;   it is more necessary for the network system storage. However, there is currently little relatively small, very important part of the reason is that the battery cost is too large, and the service life is effective, and the future diversified energy storage facilities and new technologies are bound to reduce this cost. From time to time The system will inevitably enter a new world. Energy storage system helps photovoltaic application diversification Hydrogen storage Organity predicts the next energy era will be a hydrogen era——With hydrogen energy as a major energy source, hydrogen can be absolutely clean energy, and the acquisition of hydrogen on the earth is widely obtained, and the product of hydrogen energy is water, which is an ideal future energy source. “In the three-pointers in the new energy car, the hydrogen fuel cell car will account for one!”In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, HOTY is just a few minutes compared to general electric vehicles, and the hydrogen-fuel cell car can reach 500 kilometers to 700 kilometers, hydrogen internal combustion engine or hydrogen fuel. Battery is the main power technology of hydrogen gas vehicles, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Honda, Modern, etc. have released related concept cars. Since the beginning of 2015, Toyota will sell the first volume of hydrogen fuel batteries, hydrogen, as a new energy fuel, walk into the public's vision with a closer to people's daily lives. In the past two years, local governments, capital and enterprises have entered, competing for hydrogen energy auto markets.   Can hydrogen energy development can promote the development of the emitting fluorescent industry? The answer is a long way to have a long way. There are many ways to hydrogen, hydrogen hydrogen, photochemical decomposition method, photocatalytic method, hydrogen production, artificial photochanish production, hydrogen production, can also be directly used as energy The carrier reacts hydrogen to carbon dioxide into synthetic natural gas (methane). The photovoltaic power generation is only one of simple orders. It is also necessary to go to the industrialization road. In remote areas, many transportation costs and unsafe factors of transportation, and this foundation is based on the establishment of major breakthroughs in photovoltaic hydrogen production technology.   2. New ideas of photovoltaic storage Not long ago, Chinese scientists have developed a kind of“All-weather”Solar cells of power generation, traditional solar cells do not absorb all solar energy and convert them into electrical energy, only less part of the light energy is effectively utilized, and then converted to electrical energy.“All-weather”Solar cell has a higher conversion efficiency than traditional solar cells.   The reason is that this solar cell can store the energy of the visible light that is absorbed with near-infrared light in the material of the battery sheet, and then release it in the form of monochrome visible light after the sun.     Monochrome visible light is converted into electrical energy after absorbing the built-in light absorbent, and the solar cell can be envisaged under conditions in which sunshine is present. The optimized full-time solar cell solar light is 10%, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency at night is 25% or more. At the same time, this type of solar cell can last at night. This energy storage material introduced provides new ideas for our future development of energy storage industry and photovoltaic industries.   With the development and maturity of technology, the future may really overcome the shortcomings of solar energy, truly realize And environmental impact. At the same time, we strongly hope that the research institute is bravely, looking for materials and techniques that are more suitable for photovoltaic cell surface storage energy, and then high efficiency solar cell technology, the solar cell may be able to compete with traditional batteries, and it operates Scenes and applications will also occur in the sky.   3. Mechanical energy storage Mechanical energy storage has always been popular with countries around the world. As early as Europe and America and some Asian countries use mechanical energy storage methods to accommodate distributed energy, mechanical energy storage includes pumping energy storage, compressed air energy storage and Flywheel storage, etc. And the author believes that mechanical energy storage is still equal to the photovoltaic power generation, such as water storage energy, we can use DC motor to boost pumps, avoid electricity loss of complex photovoltaic systems, special occasions such as the field, solar energy auxiliary agricultural water storage market The prospect is broad, and with the decline in the cost of the photovoltaic system and the simplification of the photovoltaic system itself, it is necessary to become the fragrant 饽 in the process of agricultural production; compressed air storage, can build a centralized compressed air station in industrial zone, using DC compressor concentration Compressed air can greatly reduce the cost of use of industrial compressed air;   4. Chemical energy storage Chemical energy storage mainly includes battery energy storage, lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, and liquid flow batteries, and the current technology is also mature, and the application scene of the battery is all overlap, and there is a unique advantage of late maintenance. Battery energy storage is the focus of this energy storage industry.   The future will have a huge market share, BMW, Tesra Battery Master is happy to be in the implementation of battery energy storage, plus battery technology, secondary lithium battery Recycling, will also become raw materials for large energy storage power stations. And the author believes that the development of traditional battery energy is extremely rich in solar power products, exerts a unique advantage of photovoltaic power generation, such as wild off-grid power generation system, portable photovoltaic, photovoltaic wild rescue system, etc. The current focus of the actual photovoltaic industry is precisely on the other hand, and it is believed that the major manufacturers should be happy to match the rich and solar cells of the photovoltaic product line.   Create more practical Diversified photovoltaic products. The author also hopes that the future chemical industry, purification, electroplating and other electrochemical industries can perform in-depth matching of photovoltaic power generation, reduce secondary conversion, and improve the utilization efficiency of photovoltaic energy.   The energy storage technology has been prepared by various industries such as energy, transportation, electricity, telecommunications, and significant significance for developing distributed energy industries. After the climate change is awkward, countries have vigorously develop renewable energy, while the development of technical reasons and improper planning, abandonment, abandoned light problems, renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind power, etc.) have been severely restriction.     Therefore, the improvement and innovation of energy storage technology has become a rescue straw that renewable energy healthy development. It can be said that the energy storage technology level will determine the level of energy such as solar energy in some extent. China's presented energy storage and guidance will also increase China's energy storage to a new height. The high improvement of the energy storage industry will also become a booming agent for solar power generation. Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery LiFePO4 Battery 48V 150AH LiFePO4 Battery 48V 100AH