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AGV balanced car 12V9ahvrla battery capacity and voltage attention

AGV balanced car 12V9ahvrla battery capacity and voltage attentionMisunderstanding in China EPS market
EPS is a rear-standing UPS
From the definition of IEC, the backup UPS is normal, supplied from the city to the market, and when the electricity fails, the battery pack provides energy, and power is powered by the inverter. The EPS is functionally conform to the above-described backup UPS definitions. However, saying that EPS is a backup UPS, this statement is not scientific, and it is interested in unintentional importance of EPS. Let me know that the commonly used backup UPS is a small power range, which is mostly a PC. Due to the non-focus of protection, the market demand is large, the technical content is low, the price is fierce, and there are many counterfeit goods. IT industry outside.
EPS is the emergency power supply and the focus is in emergency. It is really "raising thousands of days, the use of soldiers", in order to real emergency, it is important to have a high expected value for the reliability of EPS.

The environmental inspections of the superiors cannot be adopted "a knife and cut" and through the "sending notice, the greeting" and other tutaneous closes, affecting the normal production of the company and the normal life of the enterprise. Recently, some people in a city in the western region reflect, some car wash shops, repair vehicles, catering stores, and furniture factories have been suspended, which seriously affects the normal life of the masses. In this regard, the municipal government urgently issued the text, requiring the classification of enterprises involving pollution, and it is not possible to "cut". The notice emphasizes three "never allowable": Never allow environmental inspections through "sending notifications, greetings", etc., will never allow formalism, ordered the environmental inspector, and never allow for environmental inspections. Nominal affected enterprise normal production and mass life.

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