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Electric and semi-electric forklift battery structure and maintenance instructions

Electric and semi-electric forklift battery structure and maintenance instructionsOrdinary battery: 6Q / 120AH / 12V

Combined electric storage: DG180AH / 24V

Electric forklift battery structure

The power-type battery consists of a positive and negative pole column, a positive and negative plate, a separator, a protective plate, a recessor, a battery cover, and a battery case. The positive electrode plate generally uses a tubular plate, and the negative electrode plate is a paste plate. The tubular positive electrode plate is a row of vertical aluminum ladder alloy cores, and the outer sleeve is provided with a glass fiber, and the die is on the grid grating made of lead-binding alloy, and is composed of filled active substances. . Due to the protection of glass fibers, the active substance in the tube is not easy to fall off, so the tubular plate life is relatively long.

The powerful battery of the monomer is tightened or soldered by bolts, which can be combined into different capacity battery packs, electric forklifts, and battery trailers to provide a power source in the form of a battery pack.


From the day of the factory, the temperature is 5-40 ¡ã C, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, and the storage period is two years. If more than two years, capacity and service life will reduce it accordingly.

Dynamic batteries During the discharge process, when the electrolyte temperature does not, the electrical properties exhibited are different.

Model and meaning of power storage battery

The model, meaning of the power-type battery is like the start-type battery, which is represented by Chinese Pinyin letters and arabic numbers. The electric forklift is divided into two types of DG type and DT type, where D represents the use of the battery, G represents the positive electrode board. For tube, T represents the positive electrode plate as a paste.

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