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What is a lead-acid battery pole additive

What is a lead-acid battery pole additiveIn order to improve the polar utilization of the lead-acid battery, the cycle life of the plate is increased, and additives are added to the positive electrode active material. The lead-acid battery positive electrode additive is mainly composed of the following materials:
(1) The chemical synthetic fiber is added to the synthetic fiber, for example, a polypropylene fiber is added, and the propylene-ethylene copolymer fibers can increase the plate strength, reduce the positive electrode plate active substance to fall off, extend the use of the battery.
(2) phosphate and silicide. A phosphate and silicide is added to the positive electrode active material, which can increase the capacity by about 10%.
(3) arsenic. 0.1% 12.2% of arsenic was added to the grid alloy, and the corrosion speed of the grid can be slowed, improve its hardness and mechanical strength, enhance its anti-deformation ability, and extend the battery life of the battery. Therefore, currently, lead-bantune monlent (PB 1 56 AS) alloy is used at home and abroad.

(4) activated carbon. A certain amount of activated carbon is added to the glass wire tube positive electrode plate active material, and the electrode porosity and conductivity can be improved, and the battery capacity is also improved.

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