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Tell you the common sense of lead-acid battery purchase

Tell you the common sense of lead-acid battery purchase1. Check if the product logo is complete. Including the manufacturer name, product specification model, manufacturing date, trademark; check if the internal and external flag is consistent, especially if the product body is awakened, the date of manufacture should pay attention to whether it is in the near future.

2, pay attention to the appearance of the battery. Check if there are variants, cracks, scratches, and leaks. The battery terminal should be clean, no rust, and the mark should be clear.

3. Focus on the rated capacity of the electric vehicle battery product label. The larger the rated capacity of the battery, the longer the battery discharge time, it is best not to buy a rated battery, but pay attention to whether it is an electric car, if there are multiple capacity labels, it should be based on rated capacity.

4. Buy a brand battery for well-known companies and large enterprises. Battery is generally provided by a professional battery manufacturer, different brands, battery quality produced by different manufacturers, has the advantages and disadvantages, and the price also has a high low. Well-known, large enterprises large, strong technical, good after-sales service, and battery quality is guaranteed.

5. Buy a smart charger with the battery supported with automatic control. Suitable chargers can automatically adjust the charging sizes and time, which is conducive to extending the battery life.

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