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Tell you how to identify the battery outstanding

Tell you how to identify the battery outstandingAs a green environmentally friendly vehicle, the electric vehicle has been greatly popular in the country in recent years, and it has become one of the important means of transportation of the people. Electric vehicle mileage is one of the main criteria for consumers to measure the quality of electric vehicles, in which the battery has played a decisive role. How to distinguish the new and old electric car lead-acid battery?
How to identify the battery
It is understood that a set of electric car battery life is not only related to the quality of manufacturers of battery products and system configurations, but also with consumers, daily maintenance is also a big relationship. When purchasing a battery, the first should look at whether the external packaging of the electric vehicle battery is damaged or has a trace of disassembly, then open the appearance of the battery, see if the appearance surface has grinding, wipe traces, and then watch the battery Whether the positive and negative metal terminal portions are rust.
You can also use the electric vehicle with 500 watts of the 48 volt motor. Semi-old battery; if the electric table needle falling 2-3 is the old battery; if it is more than four, it is a scrap battery.
How to determine bad batteries
Ms. Tang discovered her motor vehicle mileage. After examination, it was found that one of the batteries of the electric vehicle was broken. She changed the battery, and the result was less than a year. In fact, the new and old batteries must not be string together, this is better than working with people who don't live a very fast and slow, and they are not working slowly. It will be died in a slow-moving to death sooner or later. According to experts, the original new battery is packaged after production, and if it is used with old batteries, it will affect the performance of the new battery, which will make new batteries. Dechang!
In addition, experts remind consumers, electric car batteries will have anti-counterfeiting labels in the factory, to see if the label is normal, and if necessary, scrape the anti-counterfeiting label cryptographic coating verify the authenticity, and finally the production date on the battery is checked.

So how do I check bad batteries? First, the electric vehicle is fully charged, first place for a few hours or riding, and its voltage is measured at the charging plug. Whether it is a new old battery, if it is a 48V or slightly high, it is a normal battery; if only 46V or less, a battery is short-circuited; if it is displayed 10 V, the battery unit is broken.

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