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Solar energy system uses 12V5AH deep circulation battery usage

Solar energy system uses 12V5AH deep circulation battery usageThe greenhouse is gone, the wolf is really coming.

So how do you think today's severe situation?

Under the domestic and international situation, my country's auto industry is experiencing a major adjustment before and after 2020. This is a process that electric vehicles as an alternative emerging industry goes to maturation.

In fact, the global automotive industry is also experiencing this process. Look at the world's major countries have dolled the electric car, and the major automobile groups took radical measures to accelerate transformation, they can understand their determination to keep their strengths.

In this adjustment process, there is such a three points in the internal situation of future competition patterns.

First, the market is down, the consumption is insufficient, and the market performance is lower than expected. Most of the domestic automotive sales and profits have fallen; some new vehicles have just started, and they face life and death challenges.

The second is the subsidy. The support policy in the post-subsidy is still unclear, not in place, electric vehicles promote the lack of effective support, the market lacks expected.

The third is that the main process of electric vehicles have been developed, innovation, and technical iterations have not ended yet, capital investment has begun to tighten, and many corporate fund chains are tight.

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The external situation is "Wolf".

First, the global automotive industry is vigorous, and quickly to the electric car. Foreign-funded brands have entered, compete for China Electric Vehicle Market, domestic and foreign companies will compete with the same stage.

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In Shanghai, Tesla and not said, several mainstream multinational car groups, the public, Honda, Toyota have successively launched a pure electric vehicle model. Some companies have known the next hundred electric models, strength Never before.

What is even more, universal, Ford and other enterprises, do not hesitate to lay off, sell the building, sell assets, but also to raise money to engage in new energy car research and development, automation plant transformation.

It is surprisingly that some multinational giants "Ice Ice" are turned from competitors to cooperation, build a large-scale electric vehicle and automatic driving millions of basic platforms, greatly reduce R & D and production costs.

This kind of road is not small for China's new energy car companies.

China's new energy car companies are not very good at cross-border cooperation, and the single soldiers are difficult to fight with the group army.

Second, foreign companies not only spend their own spending, but also begun to seek partners in China. Such as Mercedes-Benz and BYD, Beiqi, Geely; BMW and the Great Wall; the public and Jianghuai and SAIC; Toyota and BYD, etc.

Moreover, the cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies has also bid farewell to the model of the technology to change the market, establishing a basic platform, an ecotry ring, sharing industrial chain, and an in-work production model.

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In response to the current situation of foreign brands in the city, there is a media that "in fact the domestic new energy cars do not have to be nervous, from the current model technology and satisfying local consumer demand, domestic brands do not demonstrate weak, even more excellent than foreign brands."

But in calmly, foreign investment has strong technical reserves and brand influence, and their post-strength is not small, and there must be a sufficient sense of crisis.
Ask the Jianjian high. Liu Changgen, deputy director of the National Environmental Protection Inspector Office, said that in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas are not allowed, slack, not allowed, chaos. One week found 1471 "scattered stains" issues from September 1st to 7th, the 11th round of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the first week of the China-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area "2 + 26" city atmospheric pollution, the first week of "Beijing-Tianjin The first week of strengthening the supervision of the surrounding area to 2018 to 2018 to 2018. According to the attack and reinforcement of the supervision, the investigation team of the Ministry of Environmental Protection will conduct supervision in the progress of "scattered" enterprises and cluster comprehensive rectification work.

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