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How to buy electric car batteries?

1. To check whether the product logo is complete, including the name of the manufacturer, product specifications and models, manufacturing date, trademark: to check whether the internal and external logo is consistent, especially to check whether the product has a striking logo, production date should pay attention to whether in the near future. 2. Pay attention to the appearance of the battery: check whether the product has deformation, cracks, scratches and traces of leakage. Battery terminals should be clean, no rust, marks should be clear. 3. Focus on the rated capacity of EV battery product labels: the larger the rated capacity of battery labels, the longer the battery discharge time, it is better not to buy the battery without rated label, but pay attention to whether it is dedicated to EV, if there are more than one capacity labels, the rated capacity shall be the criterion. 4 is to choose and buy well-known companies, large companies of brand batteries: batteries are generally supplied by professional battery manufacturers, different brands, different manufacturers of battery quality has advantages and disadvantages, the price also has high and low points. Well-known, large scale companies, strong technology, good after-sales service, battery quality is guaranteed.