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Generator 2V2500AH battery life factor

Generator 2V2500AH battery life factorIn 2018, there were at least 40 fire accidents involved in new energy vehicles. On April 21, 2019, Tesla was spontaneously burned in a community in Shanghai, and Audi and other gasoline vehicles were tied to pool fish; on April 22nd, 蔚The car ES8 model was self-contained in Xi'an; on May 16 and June 14th, Wei came ES8 in Shanghai, Wuhan, once again spontaneous combustion event. In November, Henan Zhengzhou Dongfeng Electric Vehicle took a self-ignition when the construction of the road Kaixuan traffic .. The electric car company is staged "fire", making the people of the people, "parking away from electric vehicles" for a while, the owner, more Push the safety problem of electric vehicle to the tip of the wind.

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According to the "New Energy Automobile National Regulatory Platform Big Data Safety Supervision Report" released by the New Energy Automobile National Big Data Alliance, since May this year, the new energy vehicle national supervision platform has found 79 new energy vehicle safety accidents, involving 96 vehicles. . Among them, 47 accident vehicles access national regulatory platforms, 28 accidents have been warned within 10 days before the incident. In a vehicle in which the fire caused by fire is, 41% of the vehicle is in a driving state, 40% of the vehicle is in a static state, and 19% of the vehicle is in a state of charge. According to data, 58% of vehicles are fired from battery problems. From a power battery type, 86% of accident vehicles use a three-dimensional lithium ion battery, 7% accident vehicle uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, and 7% of the accident vehicle battery type is uncertain. It seems that the price of self-combustion has nothing to do, from the high-end price of the trone to the middle price, the clouds, Lui, etc.
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In June of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Carrying out the investigation of new energy vehicle safety hazards", requiring all new energy auto manufacturers to complete the new energy vehicle safety hazard investigation work before the end of October 2019. There is no need to investigate, false reports, false reports, falsification, etc. The means of punishment such as disappointment. Electric cars can self-ignite may be a self-circuit battery problem. It is also possible to be improper operation of the owner. It is predicted that my country's new energy vehicle production will reach 2 million. At that time, with the increase of electric vehicles, safety issues are more impossible to ignore.

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