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Full floating charge of the battery of the wind power station

Full floating charge of the battery of the wind power stationThe wind power station is not very familiar, and the battery running procedure for the wind power station is not very well understood. The battery is indispensable in the wind power station. The battery is not replaced in the wind power station. The working principle and procedures of the battery of the lower wind power station are installed in the charging between the battery, and the battery pack and wind turbine are connected and connected to the load circuit, so that the battery is in small current charging. When the fan is powered to the load, the voltage fluctuations caused by wind speed fluctuations, and has been stabilized by the battery pack to ensure normal power supply. This operational mode battery life is longer than the above two ways, and the battery capacity required is greatly reduced, and the energy efficiency is improved, and the battery maintenance is simplified, and the entire power supply equipment can reach 60-70%. Check the right back flags and Han not wind power station is working in this way.

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