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Decide the cause of the forklift battery cycle?

Decide the cause of the forklift battery cycle?   The number of forklift batteries is basically around 800 to 1,500 times, and the brand is left, according to the use environment, a set of battery life is 1 - 5 years, then how is this time in 1-5 years? Why many business forklift batteries can reach 5 years, some or less than 1 year, these data is worth reflecting, after all, a group of traction forklift battery is not cheap, small picked a few arguments Talk: 1. Due to the short interval of the vehicle, the vehicle is frequently started, the forklift is parked, the battery is relatively large during operation, and the vehicle charging system is relatively large to the battery's charging current. Long-term high current charging will increase the inner water synthesis, and the battery is abandoned.   Excessive precursor will reduce the separation of the active substance to the gate, form the active substance to fall, forklift battery electrolyte Blend, at the same time, too much detonation will increase the gas pressure inside the battery, if the exhaust is not smooth, the water inside the battery, the acid gas will blow with the low gas pressure.   Battery; and due to other resensants cannot be released in time, there may be risk of bursting; since the truck's own body is short, the turn radius of the forklift is also small, and the battery on which the electrolyte is to heart force In the inside of the battery, the topical electrolyte will be brondered to the exhaust portion in the charging operation, if the exhaust plug design or use is unreasonable, it may present an electrolyte spilving; due to the difference in the restriction of the forklift, the row of the battery is requested The device of the gas plug on the battery requests strong.   At the same time, since the vibration is large, it is possible to form a battery damage: there is a wire welding portion or a bus row site. The internal spark is shorted, and the positive and negative short circuit may form the internal pressure of the battery.   The internal pressure is too large, and the simultaneous formation The mechanical zeroing of active material, and the electrolyte turbidity. 2. Due to the safety of electric forklift driving, energy-saving and environmental protection is efficient. In the process of enterprise production and storage, the effect of electric forklift is also highlighted. The demand for electric forklifts in all walks of life increases rapidly.   A large part of the cost of the battery forklift comes from the battery, the same battery, the use of maintenance, the use of the years is different, relative operation is also a small gap, what is the reason for the use of the forklift battery life? First, the quality of themselves, such as reducing lead, poorly balanced in the battery pack; balanced differences lead to a sharp decline in the life of the entire set of battery life. Second, the charger does not match cause overcharge and over-discharge, which is the main reason for the polarization of the battery. Battery plate aromaticization is the root cause of battery life. Third, improper use, such as the "second super" discharge stage mainly discharged current value, that is, long-term exceeding the amount of discharge, called "two super", which is one of the main reasons for battery polarization, very good harmful.   The root cause of battery capacity is reduced: battery polarization is the root cause of battery life. Battery polarization, that is, the active substance used to store and convert energy in the battery, resulting in less battery capacity. There is a shortage of polarization: 1. The battery is insufficient or the initial charging interruption is longer; 2. The battery is inadequate (under charge); 3. Failure to charge after discharge; 4. often overcharge or Small current depth discharge; 5. Electrolyne solution density is too high or too high, lead will in-depth formation is not easy to recover; 6. The battery is longer, long-term non-regular charging; 7. Internal short-circuit local part or battery surface water Most of the leakage; 8. The internal electrolyte surface of the battery is low, which makes the plates naked.   Forklift battery safety operation and precautions? 1. When the battery is charged, an explosive gas is generated. Any open flame is strictly prohibited to prevent explosion. 2. The relevant battery instruction manual must be placed at any time. 3. When there is a current flowing, it is absolutely not allowed to open the battery plug. This produces a very large spark and burn the contact of the battery plug. 4. The operator should be trained or operate under the guidance of a professional. 5, when connecting the battery socket and forklift, pay special attention to + and -. Be sure to receive +, - receiving -, absolutely can't make mistakes. Forklift battery product characteristics 1, using polyester fiber tube, good elasticity, small pore size, low resistance, high gas permeability; 2, completely insulated soft and connected line, no leakage current; 3, bounce with the valve structure of the top plug, with a special electrolyte liquid surface indicator; 4, with automatic hydrating napkin cap; 5. High-quality oblique separator with multi-microporous imports, high porosity, low resistance; 6, use PP battery housing, cover material, impact; 7. It has a patented terminal seal structure completely prevents the polar growth and leakage. 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