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Characteristics and superiority, maintenance method of golf bore

Characteristics and superiority, maintenance method of golf boreGolf cart batteries belong to a battery, its role is to store limited electrical energy and use in a suitable place. At present, it is mainly used in golf carts, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric viewing rides, electric sweeping machines and other products. About golf cart batteries have a lot of knowledge, the following Zhenjiang Tianyuan battery introduces the characteristics and superiority and maintenance methods of the golf cart battery.

Characteristics and superiority of golf storage batteries

1. Golf cart battery has a strongest corrosion resistance, a greater discharge effect of the silver-shaped gold boy.
2, strong discharge function is extremely low battery internal resistance, super start current
3. Cold starting capacity of the golf cart battery is not subject to the electrolyte of temperature control
4, life length is 20% to improve corrosion resistance, slow down the aging of the battery
5, the storage period is very low, the self-discharge rate is low, and the storage time is long after charging.
6, no way to run, easy to use the user without the opportunity to contact with acid
7, free maintenance is normal charging does not produce temperature, no water consumption, hydrogen oxygen recombination
8, product no liquid acid production, no pollution environment

Maintenance method of golf bodies

Many users maintain the maintenance of the golf carts only stay in regular addition of distilled water and by discharging detection, this method does not solve the vulcanization problem of the battery. Balance charging can reduce partial lead to active substances, but depending on the size of the crystal, more may be to mechanically separate the accumulated crystals from the surface of the plate (caused by violent fractionation), increase the pole The contact area of ​​the plate and the electrolyte, but its cost is the active substance falls off. In addition, when equilibrium charging, the temperature of the electrolyte will rise, and the corrosion of the plate is intensified, and the loss of water caused by the depression also increases, and all of these phenomena is not conducive to the extension of the battery life.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery