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What is the classification of polymer lithium battery?

Polymer lithium-ion batteries use the same anode and cathode materials as liquid lithium, and the batteries work in much the same way. The main difference is in the electrolyte. Lithium-ion batteries use liquid electrolytes, whereas lithium-polymer batteries use solid polymer electrolytes, which can be either "dry" or "colloidal". Currently, most use colloidal polymer electrolytes. Polymer lithium batteries can be divided into three categories: What is the classification of polymer lithium battery?   1, solid polymer electrolyte lithium battery The electrolyte is a mixture of polymer and salt, and the battery has a low ionic conductivity at room temperature, making it suitable for high temperature use. 2. Gel polymer electrolyte lithium battery That is to add plasticizer and other additives in solid polymer electrolyte, so as to improve ionic conductivity, so that the battery can be used at normal temperature. 3. Lithium battery with polymer cathode material Using conductive polymer as cathode material, its energy is 3 times of the existing lithium battery, is the latest generation of lithium battery. By using solid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte, compared with the liquid lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery can be thin shape is changed, any area with arbitrary shape, etc, also won't produce leakage and combustion explosion safety problems, so can use lu: su composite membrane manufacturing battery shell, which can improve the capacity of the battery; Polymer lithium battery can also use polymer as cathode material, and its mass ratio energy will be more than 50% higher than the current liquid lithium battery. In addition, lithium-polymer batteries are better than lithium-polymer batteries in working voltage, charge-discharge cycle life and so on. Based on the above advantages, polymer lithium battery is known as the next generation of lithium battery.